Has Your Queen Anne Furnace Stopped Working?

Home HVAC systems work hard, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they need some maintenance sometimes.

But these heating problems never seem to happen at a very convenient time, do they?

Working an evening appointment in order to get the heat back onWhen your system isn’t working like it should, and the temperature in your Seattle home is slowly dropping, all you really want to do is get it fixed. And if it happens during one of those cold days of Winter, you want to get it fixed pretty quick.

An Appointment As Soon As Possible

An emergency HVAC repair company juggles their service calls so that as many homeowners as possible can receive fast service. But system failure situations, where the heat isn’t working at all, always get priority scheduling.

For example, if your heat system won’t start, they will give your appointment higher priority than any of the general maintenance service calls.

They can also try to schedule emergency repairs outside of our normal business hours.

As you can imagine, the problem repair shops like these run into is lots of homeowners get their furnace problem at the same time that everyone else is experiencing theirs too. It’s usually during that first cold spell in late Autumn when that cold front from Canada comes down the coast.

Most repair shops will run into scheduling problems when numerous homeowners all need service at the same time.

Most Queen Anne HVAC shops can’t handle a big wave of emergency appointments. Most of the smaller companies don’t have the needed technicians to take care of all of the extra work. And some try to not schedule service calls on evenings or Sundays.

How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost?

Most heating repair visits don’t end up costing too much. As long as a system can still be repaired, often it is just one bad part that caused the system to stop working.

HVAC getting a cleaning from top to bottomBut before the technician can repair that one part, he or she will need to spend some time examining the entire system, clean it up, diagnose the problem, and then replace the defective part and make sure that the unit is operating as well as it can.

So while the final cost of your service is usually not too expensive, it won’t exactly be cheap either. After all, you’re asking for a trained technician to drive to your house and work for an hour or two. Most property owners consider the final bill to be reasonable.

Annual Heating Service Maintenance

Enrolling in a service maintenance agreement with a local shop should help reduce future system problems and unexpected repair visits.

It’s simply a good idea to have your heat system looked at and cleaned every year or so.

These service visits are almost always scheduled between early Summer and Fall. During one of those visits, your technician will carefully check out your entire system and give it a good cleaning.

These unhurried, warm-weather visits allow the tech a good amount of time to inspect and clean your unit. They will make sure everything still looks good and is working correctly.

During these appointments, if your tech notices a worn part or comes across any other type of problem, they can go ahead and take care of it while they are there, instead of having to make a return visit sometime later.

On the other hand, even a well-maintained system can unexpectedly fail when it is under heavy use.

So even though you are under a yearly maintenance plan, you may be unlucky enough to run into some problem sometime. But regular maintenance is still the best prescription for having a healthy HVAC system.

Heat System Trouble Shooting

A home heating system isn’t real complicated, but it still has a lot of different parts that all have to work together perfectly. A lot of service calls end up fixing one of a few common areas. Some of problem areas are with the thermostat, pilot or ignition system, or a simple failure of one of the other mechanical parts.

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